Professional medical oversight

Pricing - People making decisions about health care, standing near large Yes and No buttons

Did you know that our invoices are an eligible medical expense for income tax purposes?

Did you know that some health insurance companies cover the cost of professional nursing services?

We offer a free 30-minute telephone consultation to ensure we are a fit and that we can help.

We offer a 1 hour in person “Meet & Greet” for $100 to discuss your needs and our services.

There is a $250 registration fee to obtain a health, medical and social history, and establish an electronic health record.

Service rate is $75/hour. ​* This hourly rate applies to Care Management services, research, communication, data collection, and documentation, calculated at fifteen-minute intervals. For example: 60minutes with client, plus charting and communication= 1.5 hours.
*Any service on the weekend or public holidays is charged at double the hourly rate.

Ongoing Support – Based on the level of support needed your care manager can schedule a variety of phone calls and visits. As health needs change so can the level of support we provide. Whether you only need one visit or more frequent consultation and on-going support.