Here to Help

Healthcare Management For Seniors and Their Families.
Here To Help Healthcare - Image of overwhelmed woman thinking about taking care of her aging parents as well as her own children

Are you struggling to care for an aging senior and manage your own work/life balance?

Our Goals

At Here2Help we have 2 main goals: first is to ensure that each client has a voice as they navigate our complicated healthcare system, and secondly to educate by providing the information, tools, and resources that patients and caregivers need to make informed decisions about their health.

The Navigator - Man looking into the distance by a crossroads sign

The Navigator

Assistance in navigating through the public and private health care system, and government services.

The Advocate - Man circling text on a larger than live notepad

The Advocate

Understanding and relaying your goals and medical history to your healthcare team.

The Overseer - woman medical professional helping an overwhelmed woman

The Overseer

Creating a personalized care plan based on cognitive, physical, and home safety assessments.